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Mixing & Mastering

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Mixing involves blending multiple audio tracks to create a balanced and cohesive final version of a song, adjusting elements like volume, panning, and effects. Mastering is the final step where the mixed audio is refined and optimized for distribution across different formats and platforms, ensuring it sounds its best on various systems and devices

The advantage of getting us to do the mix and the master, is that we are able to shape the soundscape of your song from the ground up. What this means, is that once the song is prepped in the mixing stage, mastering would require less error correction and more about enhancing the character of the mix.

This service is great for Producers and Artists who want a no hassle solution after they have finished their song. It is then our job to get your song ready to be uploaded to Digital streaming platforms

Please send us files via wetransfer, or a Google drive/dropbox link to our email address: greenroom.uk@outlook.com